Individual Report – Developing an evidence base for your recommendations on Aurecon Singapore
February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021

100% original writing!! No plagiarizing!! Please read all instructions!! you mus

100% original writing!! No plagiarizing!! Please read all instructions!! you must use at least 6 scholarly articles a good place to find these is GOOGLE SCHOLAR. The International Organization I picked is ASEAN. I need a brief summary of the structure of the the organization. An analysis of past failures, goals, accomplishments, and barriers this organization has had and how they have overcome them or what their current efforts are. Please use scholarly articles from the past 20 years to assess this organization. 0 Over the past several decades a number of new regional international organizations have emerged to address issues of regional security, trade, economic integration, and other issues of regional concern. Some like the European Union (EU) have been quite expansive in terms of membership and the power of the institution over its member states while others are more modest in terms of both membership and supranational authority. Choose a regional international organization that has been formed in the last few decades (a list of potential options, but not exhaustive, is below – but the EU is not an option). In your paper you should briefly provide fundamental information about the organization such as its primary goals and functions, members, operations, and summarize any developments since creation. However, you are also to primarily and concisely assess how well this organization has met its goals as well as any challenges or deficits that it may have in such efforts. Has it met its goals? What hurdles or barriers are there its efforts and works so far? (You will need quality journalistic and scholarly sources for this portion) Finally, in your opinion and in light of the evidence and readings, how would a realist or liberal perspective judge the effectiveness or failure of your organization? In other words, which perspective would be better at explaining why the regional IO has been successful or less than successful? The paper must be 7-8 pages using double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font and standard margins on top, bottom, and both sides. Each paper must include a distinct cover page, title, pagination, citations, and reference list (even if bibliographic info is used in citations throughout the text). The student must consistently use one of the citation style MLA. Failure to meet these format requirements will result in penalties against the final assignment grade. Sources: While I encourage the limited use of Internet resources and websites, be careful to use such information carefully. Many papers are spoiled by using out of date and incorrect information from less than reputable websites. The best recommendation is to use websites and web pages from well-known and recognized media, institutional and governmental sources. Many are included as external links on the course website. For this 6-8 page paper you must use at least eight sources of which six must be books or scholarly articles. Online and digital encyclopedias like Wikipedia and are usually insufficient for university-level research. Something like Wikipedia might (and I use the word might here loosely) be a good place for some basic information but for analysis and evaluation, you need better sources. You should use your textbook and assigned readings as sources but must use additional outside sources as well. The Internet is a good place to start, but for scholarly and academic works, texts and journals (many are available online) from the library are essential. The instructor will be more than willing to suggest texts and journal sources for students to use, as well as how to go about finding such resources on your own. Organization This is a short research paper and must be organized as such with an introduction, body (evidence and cases), and conclusion. Your introduction should summarize the assignment and what you found overall as well as how you go about addressing the topic (what is generally considered a thesis).

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The post 100% original writing!! No plagiarizing!! Please read all instructions!! you mus first appeared on nursing writers.


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