October 18, 2020
Paper on Diabetes (750-1000 wds) and a power-point
October 18, 2020

1)The nomination of Supreme Court Justices is subject to the checks and balances. The __________ nominates the Justice and the then the

1)The nomination of Supreme Court Justices is subject to the checks and balances. The __________ nominates the Justice and the then the _________________ confirms the appointment. ?
Chief Justice, Senate 
President, Senate
Senate, President
President, House of Representatives 
2) Which of the following is an example of when Congress defered to the President when it came to war making abilities and war
Iran Contra Affair
Use of Force Resolution
War Powers Act
Military Commissions Act
3) According to the Who are the Members of Congress infographic, which of the following groups is over represented in Congress? Which group is represented accurately in the House of Representatives?
men/ women 
Independents/ African Americans
military background/ native American’s 
attorneys/ young people
4) The Presidential Success Act declares that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is next in line if the Vice President and President die
5) All bills are seen by committees and subcommittees before they go to the full House or the full Senate for debate. According to the Crash Course video on committees, which of the following in not a reason why we have a committee system. ?
it is more efficient to write legislation in smaller committees than in a larger group of people
it allows members of Congress to follow their own interests
it allows members of Congress to claim credit for working on legislation 
committees are equally made of members of the two major parties, so it forces bipartisanship 
6) An executive order is ?
an agreement between the president and a foreign head of state
when the president recalls Congress in a special session
a statement added to a bill that declares the president can chose to not enforce the law
a directive to a governmental organization from the president that holds the full force of law
7) In the case Hamadan v. Rumsfeld, the Supreme Court found the military trial systems that the Bush administration set up to be unlawful because they violated habeas corpus as well as the Geneva Convention. In response to the Court decision, President Bush asked Congress to do what?
release all of the enemy combatants being held at Guantanamo
release only those who had gone through the now-illegal military trail system
re-write the law to new trail system that denies all rights to enemy combatants and give the President more authority over this issue
re-write the law to comply with the Supreme Court decision
8) A/an ____________ type of court finds rights and protections in the Constitution that are not explicitly spelled out, while a/an __________ type of court believes that only the rights and protections that are explicitly given in the Constitution are those afforded to citizens.
activist/ liberal
strict constructivist/dual
activist/ strict constructivist
loose constructivist/strict constructivist
9) Which of the following is an example of former President Obama using his constitutional powers that allows him to play the role of Chief Diplomat?
pardoning someone who was unjustly on death row
creating an executive order to allow all federal employees to receive free healthcare benefits
appointing the Secretary of Defense
entering into an agreement with the Russian Prime Minister regarding Syria’s refugees
10) The Supreme Court case Rasul v. Bush, the Supreme Court determined that Rasul must be given the ability to apply for habeas corpus because
even though Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba it is under American control and anyone being held by the U.S. in a U.S. facility can apply
Rasul was an American citizen
Congress had not officially declared a suspension of habeas corpus
Rasul was not captured on the battlefield
11) If the Supreme Court agrees to hear your case they will issue a ?
of mandamus
of certiorari 
of habeus corpus
amicus brief
12) In order for a president to exercise his or her power to pardon they must first?
consult the Senate and get a simple majority
consult the Supreme Court Justices, and receive at least 4 votes of approval
the President does not need approval to grant a pardon
consult and seek approval from the House and Senate leadership
13) The War Powers Act of 1973 was enacted in order to
guide the military in its use of force in field situations where it is impratical to seek direction from the president
allow the president more leeway in sending troops to combat
define the relationship between the U.S. and its allies
limit the president’s war-making power
14) The constitutional president that was created in Article II is much stronger than the modern president we have today.
15) if your case has made it to the Supreme Court but they refuse to hear it because they already ruled in a similar case, it may be because your case has what is referred to as
lacking writ of certiorari 


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