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November 20, 2021
determine vo in the following circuit using superposition 1
November 20, 2021

3 movie critiques

If you want to take part in this assignment, I would like you to analyze and critique a movie based on their representation of a particular ethnic minority. I don’t care if the movie was good, bad, or otherwise, the point of the assignment is to examine how minorities are represented in film and the media. Submissions should be 1-2 pages and go into depth on the film’s positive or negative representations. Use what you’ve learned this quarter and include aspects like stereotypes, typecasting, historical accuracy, and other talking points in your critique. 

You can submit up to 3 critiques from different films for 15 points apiece added to your total numerical score (ie 700/800 would then be 745/800) 

It can be all one paper, just needs to be on 3 different movies. Each one doesn’t have to be perfect. Just needs to be about a page or so each movie, maybe a page and a half


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The post 3 movie critiques first appeared on nursing writers.

The post 3 movie critiques appeared first on nursing writers.

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