With which behavioral psychologist(s) do you most agree philosophically
July 10, 2019
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July 10, 2019

300 Words DB- APA – HRM-

Diversity in the United States is increasing, not only with the aging population remaining active in the workplace, but also with new generations starting to enter the workplace. The number of women in labor has been increasing along with the culturally diverse population. Many laws, both federal (such as the Civil Rights Act) and state and local (such as non-discrimination legislation) help level the playing field for all workers. For this discussion, select an industry and research the challenges that industry may have in terms of diversity and inclusion. Include topics such as bias, discrimination in hiring, etc. For example, teachers are often women and tech industry workers are often men. Some industries may have fewer employees of a certain race, with disabilities, etc. Once you have identified the industry and the challenges, propose three to four steps of a strategy focused on leadership and management that would assist in eliminating this challenge.


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