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For this assignment the student will create a PowerPoint to address the following scenario…

You are preparing an orientation module to teach incoming nurse practitioners about Medicare and Medicaid. You presentation should address the following, and language should be directed at entry-level medical personnel:

  1. Medicare Parts A: Eligibility and What is covered and not covered (2-4 slides)
  2. Medicare Parts B: Eligibility and What is covered and not covered (2-4 slides)
  3. Medicare Parts C: Eligibility and Coverage (2-4 slides)
  4. Medicare Parts D: Eligibility and Coverage (1-2 slides)
  5. Medigap and supplement insurance (1-2 slides)
  6. Medical necessity (1-2 slides)
  7. Limiting charges (1-2 slides)
  8. Process of patient registration (2-3 slides)
  9. Medicaid guidelines and eligible groups (3-5 slides)
  10. Medi-Medi (2-4 slides)
  11. Medicaid verification (1-3 slides)

Include a title and reference slide. Ensure all information is referenced and cited in your slides


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