March 28, 2022
March 28, 2022
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4412 – My Nursing Assignment

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– Registered nurses (RNs) play an integral role in the healthcare system by providing care to patients. Based on their experiences in care provision, RNs should be vital stakeholders in formulating healthcare policies. Some factors, such as technological advancement and political factors, are responsible for the rapid changes being experienced in the healthcare system. Therefore, new policies are essential to improve health care delivery to the public. However, RNs do not have an understanding of the policy process or are uninterested in engaging in political issues (Burke, 2016). Registered nurses should be aware of the emerging policy issues that affect them and become more active in the policy process to improve the provision of care to the public.
Several issues are affecting nurses in the modern environment, which requires the intervention of all stakeholders by formulating the necessary policies. Some of these issues are workplace safety, training and educational requirements, violence, and quality of health care (Huston, 2020). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA, 2017), staffing shortage is one of the main concerns that is currently being discussed in the policy arena. The shortage in RNs is attributed to the aging population, the cost-cutting decisions, the increase in patients’ needs as well as the complexity of health issues, and the rise in the aging workforce (ANA, 2017). The challenge of having a few nursing profession is that it leads to burnout affecting the performance and the health of nurses. Therefore, healthcare policy-makers should develop and implement policies that address the shortage to improve healthcare services.
2.- Nursing practitioners have numerous opportunities to participate in the policy-making process. According to Burke (2016), nurses must acknowledge that they are professionals in their field who are responsible for promoting the current and future care delivery system. The author asserts that nurses should ensure that policies that define and ingrain practice standards, that improve care provision and harness conditions necessary to provide quality care. Therefore, individual registered nurses should make recommendations that would improve the working conditions of nurses to policymakers and other stakeholders. Besides, registered nurses should advocate for more resource allocation to boost healthcare service delivery. Nurses can also join professional associations that represent them and serve as a means of making their voices and will heard. They should stay informed about who their elected officials are and actively participate in social media to support their policies and political campaigns (Huston, 2020). Therefore, registered nurses in the contemporary world should be more involved in the policy-making process to ensure their concerns are addressed. As a result, the healthcare delivery system would become more efficient, resulting in more positive public health outcomes.
3.- Since the demand for care continues to rise, the next policy issue that would largely be discussed affecting nurses is their development and growth. According to Annemarie (2016), the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended an increase in the number of BSN-prepared nurses to approximately 80 percent by 2020. Individual nurses should focus on their professional development and growth to become BSN-prepared to meet the demand. By developing appropriate policies, nurses would become motivated to advance their qualifications to fill in the positions. Therefore, the next policy discussion affecting nursing is redefining nursing education to align with emerging healthcare needs.
Registered nurses have numerous opportunities to participate and contribute to the formulation of healthcare policies. Therefore, they should be central to the policy process. Their input would ensure that appropriate policies are developed and implemented, promoting the delivery system of care. The changing dynamics in the healthcare system have necessitated the involvement of nurses in the policy process. Conventionally, nurses’ involvement in the policy process has been limited to implementation.
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