What is your differential diagnosis? What interventions would you implement? What further information would you need?
April 9, 2021
music write a one page double spaced reaction on the reading
April 9, 2021

5x one page summaries of readings

Write a 1-2 page double spaced summary and short analysis of each of the attached readings.

For each reading provide 1-2 page summary as well as a short analysis and commentary conclusion paragraph.

Outline of paper:

– Page 1-2: Readings 1 (summary and short analysis/ commentary)

– Page 3-4: readings 2 (summary and short analysis/ commentary)

– Page 5-6: Readings 3 ((summary and short analysis/ commentary)

-Page 7-8: Readings 4 (summary and short analysis/ commentary)

-Page 9-10: Milanovics and Mills (summary and short analysis/ commentary)


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