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October 16, 2020
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October 16, 2020

6.08 animal project


Did you know that 99% of the species that have ever inhabited our planet are extinct? This loss of species is primarily due to changes on Earth. As our planet changed, species had to change with it. Those organisms that could not adapt to those changes became extinct.

Presently, there are many animal species on their way to extinction due to natural events or human actions. These species are endangered or at risk for extinction. For this assessment, you will pick one endangered species from each class of animal vertebrates and research its physical characteristics, behaviors, reproduction, common ecosystems, and reason for endangerment. You will place this research into the chart provided, along with a picture of each of your organisms.

Please review the student example and rubric for this diagram before continuing to the endangered species chart.

Make sure you include the following in your chart:

  1. A picture of your chosen organism from each vertebrate class, which includes fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Please include website reference for every picture you place in your chart. Make sure to use reliable Internet sources that are science-based and created by educational institutions.
  2. A description of your animals’ reproductive process and the reason they are currently endangered.
  3. A list of five physical characteristics and two behaviors for the animals you have chosen. Make sure to include the way they regulate their body temperature as one of the physical characteristics.
  4. List the common ecosystems or geographical area of your animals.

Now it is time to complete the assessment for this lesson.

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