6021 – My Nursing Assignment
September 9, 2021
September 9, 2021
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6021 – My Nursing Assignment

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Topic 1: Current-Evidence-Based Research and the Research Process as Applied to the Allied Health Care
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Your Role in Communicating Research Information 
Identification of Research T

Identification of Research Topic 
The purpose of this assignment is to identify a topic for a health care field research paper which will inform subsequent assignments within this course.
Select a topic of interest from your work area, or within a specific health care field. Examples of appropriate topics may be found in your text, Understanding Research, and from the list below, but you are not limited to these examples. Possible topics:

Leaving a confused patient alone in the waiting room
Failure to label specimens
Leaving medication unsecured
Childhood obesity
Using technology, and protecting patient information and confidentiality
Managing the health care needs of an aging population

Complete a search utilizing the Library for at least three articles on your topic. After you have selected your articles, write a 250- to 500-word summary of the three articles, and address the following:        

State why you selected the topic.
Summarize the content of the articles.
Describe how the research process is used to communicate findings relevant to problem or issue resolution within evidence-based practice for improvement of care.
Conclude with an explanation of the significance of the evidence-based research of the topic to the standards for allied health care.

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