6432 – My Nursing Assignment
September 6, 2021
6432 – My Nursing Assignment
September 6, 2021
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 You are working in an ICU where a 16-year-old girl is in critical condition after an auto accident. Her mother comes in and begins to sing, sprinkle tobacco around the bed, hang eagle feathers and crystals around the room, and move her hands back and forth above the girl’s body. The girl’s nurse tells the mother that visiting time is over and that she should take all these dirty things out of the room. The mother insists on staying by the bedside and says that if she had placed rosary beads or Bibles in the room she would not have been questioned.

  • What cultural and spiritual issues are evident in this situation?
  • Apply cultural competence to this case
  • Discuss complementary therapies evident in this situation
  • How would you incorporate spiritual care?
  • How would you approach this situation?
  • What principles would guide you?

Use a scholarly article and use APA format 


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