Week 4: Alex
September 6, 2021
“diary of medical mission trip” | concepts in community health
September 6, 2021
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6785 – My Nursing Assignment

Powerpoint – Immunodeficiency Disorders _ pediatrics
Reference: Burns, Pediatric primary care ( chapter 25 pages 604-606), please include statistic only from USA and any other reference from USA

Important from this topic:
Introduction, what include immunologic disorders, definition, early detection, how suspect?  sign and symptom, age/gender, risk factors, genetic, most common diseases and shorts explanations in notes , US statistic, how prevent those disorders, any screening test?, gold standard diagnosis for the most common disorders, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, diagnosis and  treatment for the most common disorders, Education. any pediatric guidelines? 
Include explanation notes 
No more than 20 slides, between 14-20
Book attached

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