Elements of an Effective Performance Management System
April 19, 2022
week 4 assignment
April 19, 2022
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7 International Human Resource Management

Haier CaseExamine the Chapter 9 opening case on Haier.  What are the distinctive features of performance management (PM) at Haier?  What is your opinion about the organization’s people strategy?  What did and didn’t you like?  Why?  Why does it seem to work for the organization, even though it is different than other companies in China? What aspects of Haier’s PM system could or should be exported to overseas operations?  What aspects should not be exported?Knowledge SharingWhy is knowledge sharing a concern for organizations?  What practices may limit an organization’s ability to effectively stimulate knowledge sharing?  How might the organizational culture impact a firm’s ability to gain employee buy-in and effectively share knowledge?  What methods could organizations use to capture knowledge?


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