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7 Page Leadership Paper, Read Requirement Carefully

7 Page Leadership Paper, Read Requirement Carefully
Leader Analysis PaperLEAD 300 students will choose and conduct a leader assessment of a public (not a relative or friend) person. The public person is either historic or currently living. Students must have the person of their analysis approved by the instructor. Here are the requirements of this leader assessment:

Use APA style in writing your paper, Times New Roman, 12-pitch font, double spaced, one inch margins top, bottom and sides.
Students must cite three primary sources in the bibliography. A primary source is a book on that person, an article out of an academic journal (Newsweek, US New and World Report, Time, etc. are NOT academic journals) or another written essay on that person. The key is use publications created by authors who directly observed the public figure. Internet articles are usually not primary sources!
Students evaluate their leader by analyzing the leader’s behaviors using the Five Practices of Effective Leaders by Kouzes and Posner; Students should have approximately one half page of analysis for each practice.
Students must describe how their leader illustrated one leadership theories studied during the course of this semester. For example, Abraham Lincoln’s leadership style used situational leadership by… This analysis should take approximately one half page.
Speculate on this person’s DISC profile, their dominate three strengths from Strengthsfinder, and the four letter personality profile. Provide a summary of what you believe, based on your research, their DISC profile would represent, three strengths that Strengthsfinder may have identified, and their probable personality profile (four letter code) and why. This should take approximately half of a page.
Students should also provide a brief overview and conclusion of their leader. The introduction should include a short personal history of where they were born, where they grew up, challenges in their life, etc. This should be no more than half of a one and a half pages for both the introduction and conclusion.
The total length of this analysis is six pages of written text, plus or minus one page. This is a short paper done on purpose to ensure students provide a concise, yet fact-filled analysis of their chosen leader. Quality is valued over quantity.

Grading Rubric for the Leader Analysis Paper
30 Points: brief, personal, biographical sketch of the person–where they were born, when, what their childhood was like, who they married, etc._
150 Points: analysis of the person’s leadership according to the Five Exemplary Practices of Leaders:

Model the Way (30 points)_
Inspire a shared Vision (30 points)_
Challenge the Process (30 points)_
Enable Others to Act (30 points)_
Encourage the Heart (30 points)_

For this, students may must address each practice and should focus on those practices that their person best illustrates. For example, Theodore Roosevelt was very charismatic and illustrated Model the Way effectively, much more than he Enabled Others to Act. Students should acknowledge that Roosevelt did not enable others to act very well and offer possible reasons why he did not, then focus his/her comments on Model the Way.
20 Points: discussion of other leadership concepts, theories, models, or other aspects___
30 Points: Speculate on this person’s DISC profile, their dominate three strengths from Strengthsfiner, and the four letter personality profile. _
20 Points: six pages of text (+/- one page)__
50 Points: Overall impression: APA Style, quality of writing_________
Kouzes and Posner
Kouzes and Posner (1987, 2002) developed their model by interviewing leaders about leadership. They interviewed more than 1,300 middle- and senior-level managers in private and public sector organizations and asked them to describe their “personal best” experiences as leaders. Based on a content analysis of these descriptions, Kouzes and Posner constructed a model of leadership.
The Kouzes and Posner model consists of five fundamental practices that enable leaders to get extraordinary things accomplished: model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart. For each of the five practices of exemplary leadership, Kouzes and Posner also have identified two commitments that serve as strategies for practicing exemplary leadership.
Model the Way. To model the way, leaders need to be clear about their own values and philosophy. They need to find their own voice and express it to others. Exemplary leaders set a personal example for others by their own behaviors. They also follow through on their promises and commitments and affirm the common values they share with others.
Inspire a Shared Vision. Effective leaders create compelling visions that can guide people’s behavior. They are able to visualize positive outcomes in the future and communicate them to others. Leaders also listen to the dreams of others and show them how their dreams can be realized. Through inspiring visions, leaders challenge others to transcend the status quo to do something for others.
Challenge the Process. Challenging the process means being willing to change the status quo and step into the unknown. It includes being willing to innovate, grow, and improve. Exemplary leaders are like pioneers: They want to experiment and try new things. They are willing to take risks to make things better. When exemplary leaders take risks, they do it one step at a time, learning from their mistakes as they go.
Enable Others to Act. Outstanding leaders are effective at working with people. They build trust with others and promote collaboration. Teamwork and cooperation are highly valued by these leaders. They listen closely to diverse points of view and treat others with dignity and respect. They also allow others to make choices, and they support the decisions that others make. In short, they create environments where people can feel good about their work and how it contributes to the greater community.
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