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June 20, 2019
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June 20, 2019
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A Response to the Article “Don’t You Think It’s Time to Start Thinking” by Northrop Frye

Don’t You Think It’s Time to Start Thinking” by Northrop Frye examines a critical issue of writing, which is the articulation of ideas. The author states that an idea is well nurtured through writing, and people can enhance their understanding of concepts through writing practice. Notably, the author states that people who have significant experience in writing and articulation of ideas can be regarded as great intellectuals. Personally, Frye’s ideas will influence the way I approach writing a first draft and my assumptions concerning the articulation of ideas through writing.

Primarily, Frye states that people have a notion that the ability to communicate through writing is mastered during childhood. However, he argues that writing as a skill is developed through continuous practice, even during adulthood. At a personal level, this idea has changed my view on writing, which seemed like an automatically acquired skill. I can now write the first draft and rewrite it while embracing more concise and powerful ways of communicating ideas. Through this approach, I can understand the notions better and identify better ways of expressing them. Therefore, adults should embrace writing as a skill that needs practice for mastery.

Additionally, people misuse the word “think” to mean using the mind to worry, daydream, remember, or imagine. According to Frye, the word implies the act of looking for appropriate ways to articulate ideas through writing. I have learned to think while writing ideas concerning various aspects of the environment. It is the right usage of the term “think” since this process helps to develop more concise, clear, and rich ideas to communicate to readers. Thus, thinking should mean practicing writing to articulate ideas more appropriately.

More importantly, an idea is only viable when put into words. In this essay, Frye states, “they have to learn that ideas do not exist until they have been incorporated into word.” People are supposed to write down their thoughts to show existence. I have learned to write down any essential notion in the first draft to avoid forgetting anything in the final draft. This procedure enhances the quality of the content in the final draft. Therefore, critical ideas that are relevant to a topic should be put into words to achieve a quality final copy.

Arguably, intelligent people are characterized by their ability to add more ideas to what they already have in mind. Frye notes that, “and we can’t think at random either.”  I learned that writing what is in the mind and researching for more relevant ideas can result in a brilliant draft at the end. I can write the initial draft with the main and related ideas and then compile the final draft. Therefore, one should not just write randomly without having an idea that serves as the topic of the writing process.

Furthermore, the writer can use articulateness to stand out from the crowd. Typically, people in the society are afraid of articulation. On this issue, Frye says, “so, if you say as little as possible and use only stereotyped, ready-made phrases you can hide in the mass.” For this reason, it is crucial to avoid existing phrases in order to achieve superb intellect in the society. Concerning this idea, I have started practicing good delivery of ideas in the final writing. Thus, learning and practicing articulation of ideas gives one superior intellectual status in the society.

Evidently, Frye presents rich ideas concerning writing. He argues that writing is a skill developed through practice. Moreover, articulating ideas while writing enhances one’s intellectual status in the society. I have learned that being keen on writing a draft and finding ways of articulating ideas in the final paper can enhance my ability to communicate ideas to readers effectively.

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