How should the instructors and learners deal with the use of L1 language in a L2 classroom?
December 14, 2017
Global Societal Problem, Argument and Solution
December 14, 2017

about one of the 2016 presidential candidates

DescriptionChose one of the 2016 Presidential Candidates to research. (Donald Trump)Each topic is worth 15 points, formatting is worth 10 points (Writing Assignment Formatting W2.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window). YOU MUST CITE YOUR WORK!!! I require that you use your book as one source and the rest need to be from reputable sourcesI. Intro (position they are running for, who running against, what political party they belong to)II. History (where from, how raised, schools attended, family…etc)III. Political Background (former positions, how long, how they vote, key policy(ies) they have been a part of)IV. Platform (very detailed) and analyze it!!!V. Other Candidates (what is their stance on the same issues?)VI. Outlook (who the front runner is and what chance your candidate has against them and WHY).VII. Will you vote in November? Why or why not?NOTE: the examples I have listed after each topic are not necessarily the ONLY things I would like under that topic. Please use your best judgment on how to make your research paper the best it can be.Formatting:
5 pages
double spaced
Calibri (font)
11-12 (font size)
Justified paragraph alignment
Chicago Style Citations (You will not use MLA formatting!!!)
Names, paper title, and assignment will in the header (do not double space)

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