leadership 160
April 9, 2021
Examine a time when you were involved in decision making that went awry as a result of protocols, social norms or persuasive techniques. If you do not want to use an example from your business or personal experience you can base your assignment on a journ
April 9, 2021

accounting workshop

You have the opportunity to begin professional involvement this semester by attending two tax, accounting or business functions or webcasts that are a minimum of 50 minutes (or one academic hour) . You may earn twenty points for each of the two functions attended. Accounting functions include, but are not limited to: Career Education workshops, MSCPA student events, presentations by outside speakers (including employment related) and IRS webinars. Submit a write-up as if you were summarizing the event for co-workers, describing the event touching on the most beneficial or intriguing points that enhanced you personally and professionally.


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