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advance written testimony


Prepare a 3–5-page written testimony for one specific aspect of a health policy issue.

Questions to Consider:


Andrews, K. T., & Edwards, B. (2004). Advocacy organizations in the U. S. political process. Annual Review of Sociology, 30(1), 479–506.

Longest, B. B., Jr. (2016). Health policymaking in the United States (6th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.


Address one specific aspect of the health policy issue and prepare a written testimony. The specific aspect needs to focus on one desired outcome or change the proposed policy will impact. Note: This written testimony will support your oral testimony in the next assessment.

Written Testimony Format

  • Introduction: Include acknowledgement of committee chair and members, credentials of the person preparing the testimony, and the organization the person is representing.
  • Background: Include the proposed policy or policy change, justification for the proposed policy, and impact of the proposal.
  • Specific aspect of the issue: Focus on one specific outcome or situation of the issue. Describe with cited references the current outcomes. Include supporting data, outcome studies, anecdotal information from constituents, or other information that supports the significance of the issue.
  • Current program or programs: Include specific programs or efforts that the special interest group you are representing sponsored, any other related programs from other groups, and the outcomes of these actions.
  • Recommendations: Identify the specific actions being recommended and to whom these are directed. Recommendations may include actions requested of the committee as well as of the special interest group.
  • Conclusion: Present a succinct summary of the issue, impact, and requested action.
  • Closing: Thank the committee for the opportunity and provide contact information for additional discussion.
  • Literature: Cite the literature that supports the policy change.


  • Longest, B. B., Jr. (2016). Health policymaking in the United States (6th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Available from the Bookstore.
    • Chapter 10, “Building Policy Competence for Health Professionals,” pages 291–331.
  • Federal Information & News Dispatch. (2015). House veterans’ affairs committee hearing. Washington: Author.

Suggested Resources for Further Exploration

You may use the following optional resources to further explore topics related to competencies.

This website is a resource library that provides advocacy tips on writing to public officials, testifying before a legislative committee.

  • So Others Might Eat. (2016). Resource library – Advocacy tips. Retrieved from http://some.org/advocacy/resource-library/


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