July 23, 2020
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July 23, 2020

African Aesthetic Elements to support your view.

Choose a work you believe to be beautiful, intriguing, or

compelling. The time period is 77,000 BC to 1700 AD.

Follow the format below, which is required. If this format is not followed, the submission

receives Failing grade. It is eight pages of writing, and you should include

an image of the work on the title page. The total number of pages is nine. The Aesthetic

Analysis is your own intellectual honesty, and perception of the work, using of the

African Aesthetic Elements to support your view.
discuss the reason or reasons why you

perceive this work is beautiful, intriguing, or compelling. The reason(s) you give

are any that are genuine to you.

  1. Identify the Weltanschauung to which this work belongs,

and discuss in one or two paragraphs how this work reveals it.

  1. Analyze each African Aesthetic Element, giving precise and concrete detail.

Each artistic element should be written about in a separate paragraph.

  1. Conclusion.

The conclusion is at least one paragraph, but can be two, which summarizes the

learning or importance you received from analyzing this work. If you have had an

aesthetic experience, identify the transformation and new understanding you

received. Or, if you received new insights or perceptions about art, Africa,

African culture, or yourself, discuss these. Your insights or perceptions may be

personal or aesthetic, i.e., any reasons or findings that are of value to you.

  1. Addenda. One source citation. You may use one quote, documented from a text,

of no more than three sentences. If it is more than three sentences it is plagiarism and

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