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October 10, 2021
Discuss why social media is trending as a key tool in the marketing decisions of most businesses. • Describe how social media works in the business environment. • Consider the types of questions and objections you might encounter when putting together social media initiatives at your organization and how you propose to overcome those obstacles.
October 10, 2021

And one more point to mention is that chinese and asian americans are


Prompt: At the time of Coronavirus pandemic and fake news how is public opinion shaped in regards to this crisis? How is information flow shaping discussions in respect to China and Asian Americans?

A proper response paper is a combination of your thoughts, analysis about the prompt in connection with the course material. In doing so, please relate your papers to class topics. A response paper demonstrates your understanding and interpretation of the course material –lectures, readings, videos, podcasts, guest speakers-. A response paper is less structured than a research paper you write for other classes but it still has a clear argument and flow. Each response paper should be minimum 1000 words. Please include a word count(Use 1,5 space and Times New Roman).

Grading rubric: Argument: 40 pts, Organization: 20 pts, References: 20 pts (at least three references outside of course reading/material. Academic journals, books, popular magazines such as Time, Newsweek, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Vice News, TED Talks, Video lectures accepted for references), Style: 20pts.

Hi, when you write this article, please define yourself as Asian Americans or Chinese

And one more point to mention is that Chinese and Asian Americans are facing unpair judgement due to Covid-19  

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