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September 9, 2021
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Please create 5 annotations. .  YOU must have an introductory paragraph for the annotated bibliography.
PLEASE follow this format for your SLP Headings for the annotations.
APA style.
Introductory Paragraph.
Then your annotated bibliography.
Then Reference section.

HIV infection among Youth in the USApril 3, 2019Mrs Jean Davis, a 72-year old woman, has been suffering from chronic pain from osteoarthritis for many years.April 3, 2019

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Short description – how to write itIn order to be able to put down the short description for each source in your annotated bibliography – you would certainly need to study each of them thoroughly. Using your analytical and critical skills, you should draw the most important ideas, discussed by the author, understand his position and his point of view. There are various types of annotated bibliographies, pay attention to your initial instructions it could be mentioned that you should avoid any type of evaluating of his ideas and approaches, apart of potential application of this source for your future work. Sometimes you could be asked to provide a kind of comparative analysis of the sources. In case the list of sources is rather long, then it is better to organize them in accordance to various aspects of the problem, which is studied. In addition, you might be asked to write a short introduction about your future research, its aims and methods. If you get lost in all these recommendations – you should better purchase your paper from our professional online writing service! Provide us with your instructions and our writer will do this job for you, letting your to save time and effort.

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