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September 9, 2021
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apex global question they are mostly fill in the blanks 1

1.The Qin dynasty formed china’s first great empire, and arose after_ _ _. Their leader took the namde_ _, which means the first emperor.

2._is the tomb of Shi Huangdi. It has 6,000 life-size soldiers made out of terra cotta and is _miles long

3.The qin empire built the great wall to a length of_, but later empires extended it to a length of_.

4.The maurya civilization began in_BC when chandragupta maurya expelled the_,who were led by alexander the great.

5.Asoka spread_while in power

6.Gupta empire lasted from_ to around_ _.

7.The rigid caste system existed in india until the mid-_centruy.

8.Liu bang established the_dynasty in te year_.

9.The silk road was_ long and allowed trade between china and_.

10.The han dynasty lasted more than_years.

11.before the romans ruled italy, it was ruled by the_,from around the year_until the romans pushed them out in_.

12.The current countries of africa were divided up by_in the _century.

13._was isolated from the european influence because it was very far south.

14._tried repeatedly to conquer many east african kingdoms.

15.What role did the Han dynasty have in creating the great wall?

16.Is the han government’s civil service system similar to that of the united states?


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