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April 3, 2020
Cognitive Biases
April 3, 2020

Apple assembles laptop computers in the U.S

  1. Apple assembles laptop computers in the U.S., but the screens are made in Japan. Apple also sells some of the finished laptops in Japan. Suppose that Apple needs to change $1 million into yen to pay its supplier of laptop screens today. Apple knows that in 30 days it will be paid 80,000,000 yen by the Japanese importer that buys its finished laptops. It will want to convert those yen into dollars for use in the U.S. Today’s spot rate is $1=80 yen, and the 30-day forward exchange rate is $1=70 yen.

TWOTODAYShow your calculations.(a) List the steps that Apple should take to insure itself against forex risk.
(b) How much profit would Apple end up with in $ terms?

  1. Please evaluate the validity and discuss your views of the following statements, given your knowledge from watching the Chapter 11 videos and/or doing your own research on global monetary systems:

(a) The federal reserve, like all central banks in the world, is a private entity that reduces the purchasing power of the masses by means of manufactured financial crises.

(b) The IMF and World Bank, like all supranational organizations, are weapons of destruction against humanity by enslaving countries through the use of debt.

  1. What are some questions you have from doing research on the European Union and its inherently undemocratic nature?
  2. What are your observations about George Soros from your research?
  3. What are some questions you have from our extensive class discussions on the corona virus and its relationship to the new global digital economy?
  4. What are your thoughts or questions from doing research on UN Agenda 21 (also called UN Agenda 2030)?

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