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May 10, 2020
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art history- the calling of st matthew

two parts to this essay. Describing a painting “The calling of st matthew” by caravaggio.
part 1: Describe the art work using subject matter and form. In approaching subject matter/iconography, be detailed in your description and try to organize your observations so that the reader can easily follow the flow of ideas as you describe the art work. Describe the subject matter in a broad sense and then in a very specific sense. Describe the use of line, shape, mass, space, value, color, and texture as building blocks of the art
part 2: Use a compare and contrast approach involving Leonardos Last Supper to
explore the ways in which Caravaggios Calling of St. Matthew
is a product of its time,

use some of these vocabalury words :
Mannerist Articiality
Renaissance Idealism
Baroque Drama
Realism (Gritty Realism)
Diagonal Composition
Unity Rather than Multiplicity
Linear Perspective
Council of Trent
Protestant Reformation
Dynamic Composition
Action-Oriented Composition


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