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assignment reading labels 500 words paper

2) Reading food labels – (500 words) paper

You will be reading food labels for 7 days, paying particular attention to macronutrients, ingredients, and grams of sugar. Try to keep your sugar intake to under 50g/day (that’s 200 calories!) for the 7 days (total; does not have to be consecutive). You will need to either look up grams of sugar for foods with no food label, or use an app such as MyFitnessPal. Record your intake of added* sugar per day, even if you went over. *Naturally occurring sugars such as those found in fruit and vegetables do not count. Do not forget to take all beverages into consideration!

* Note: if you have any health concerns such as diabetes, come talk to me and we will figure out a different assignment


  • What is the impact of high sugar intake on your health, particularly HFCS, processed white sugar, and so on?
  • Was this difficult? What did you have to cut out to achieve this goal? Were you surprised at how much/little sugar you have been consuming?
  • Include grams of sugar/day and their sources
  • Provide details about sugar recommendations
  • What was the process like?

Please Submit a Reaction Paper and your results from one of the trackers. It is easier to combine the two into one document and upload.


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