September 9, 2021
Geriatric windshield survey paper – 3 pages
September 9, 2021
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BIO 232 Quinsigamond Community College Human Anatomy and Physiology Question

1- click on the link and watch the video. Answer the question.…
What are some long-held beliefs in modern medicine that would be difficult to alter?

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2- Watch the video and Answer the questions…
a- In your opinion, what were the most promising strategies to combat antibiotic resistance mentioned in the video?
b- What are some of the behaviors that an allied health professional can put in place to prevent antibiotic resistance?
c- What experiences have you had with antibiotic resistance
3- Look at the image in the picture and answer the questions: (see the document attached)
a- What indirect and direct methods of transmission can you envision?
b-What reservoirs of infection might she be exposed to?
c- Think about any host factors that you could identify.

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