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May 18, 2021
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In this assignment you will select and watch a movie that includes biological themes. Watch themovie and summarize the biological information presented in the plot. Consider the majorthemes of biology that we go over in class.Major Theme 1: The process of evolution drives the diversity and unity of life.Major Theme 2: Energy Processing. Living systems utilize energy and organic molecules togrow, to reproduce and to maintain homeostasis.Major Theme 3: Information processing. Living systems store, retrieve, transmit and respondto genetic information (DNA) essential to life processes.Major Theme 4: Biological Interactions. Biological systems interact (from cells interactingwith other cells to whole organisms interacting with each other and the environment), and thesesystems and their interactions possess complex properties.Biology in the MoviesHollywood movies have long incorporated biology as a plot mechanism. From Lion King andFinding Nemo, to Frankenstein and Gattaca, films have entertained us with biology facts(about ecology and DNA) capitalized on our fascination with how life works and exploited ourfears about new technologies like biological warfare or genetic engineering. These biologymovies provide both scientific facts and misinformation.Choose one feature film (from the 4 above, the list below, or another) that you have seenrecently or view one on Youtube, Netflix, etc. Write a short (2-3 pages) essay on the movie andits connection to one (or more) of the four major themes of biology; Evolution, EnergyProcesses, Information (DNA), and Interactions (from cells to ecosystems). Identify andexplain 1-2 biological concepts that are explained well in the film by citing specificexamples from the movie and specific information from the lecture/lab material, the textbook,or your own research. Identify 1-2 examples of misinformation presented in the film anddiscuss why they are not accurate based on specific information from the course, thetextbook, or your own research. For example, the movie Jaws presents factual information aboutthe biology and behavior of sharks and their function in ecosystems. It also presentsmisinformation about how sharks behave in nature.
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