June 29, 2018

Write several broad instructional goals for the educational experience.

Assignment 2: Course Project—Part 2 Instructional Unit: Goals, Objectives, and the Teaching Plans This week you will submit your instructional unit, which should include three lesson […]
February 17, 2021

Write short 3 paragraph discussion for Business Course

Each chapter in your textbook begins with a quote. The quotes were written and published in 1890–from a book entitled: Manners, Culture and Dress. You are […]
October 13, 2020

Write short 600 word paper for Decision Making COURSE NO PLAGIARISM

Option B: Describe how each of the Eight Intellectual Standards (clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness) were used or not used in the […]
June 4, 2021

write short analytical report

Analytical Report This week, you are tasked to write an Analytical Report. Using your Proposal from week three, research the feasibility of your plan. Following the […]
March 28, 2021

write short essay 3

you may complete this requirement by writing a short paper concerning a topic in oceanography that you find particularly interesting to you personally. You should briefly […]