July 23, 2020
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July 23, 2020

bpm journal 3

Based on the Reading, answer the following questions, with explanations (do not simply name concepts and move on):

1) Among the concepts you have learned, which do you think is most useful to you or your organization?

2) Which concept(s) caused the most confusion in this unit?

3) Which concept(s) did you wish went into further detail, either because you are interested or because it’s too complex for the coverage it received?

Reading was on:

  • Chapter 22: “Sustainable Performance Phase”

In Chapter 22, the tenth phase of the BPM model, the Sustainable Performance phase, is presented. Reflect upon how important it is for future success that the organization transitions the efficiencies and effectiveness grown via the BPM model into a “business-as-usual” process. Consider the importance of feedback loops within a business model.


  • In order to achieve sustainable performance, it is crucial that processes are managed, and managing processes requires continuous measurement of their performance.
  • Before comparing figures with other organizations, it is crucial to understand all the considerations and definitions used in the comparison to ensure that the figures are comparable.
  • Feedback should be related to the full end-to-end process and not limited to the previous process step.


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