Developing a global vision through marketing research
April 18, 2019
What expectations would someone entering a Jordan’s Furniture store for the first time likely have?
April 18, 2019

Brand Analysis Project: Part One: Market Analysis of Product Category

finish the part 2 and depend on the feedback to slove the existing problem, also without plagiarism.Attachment preview

MKTG 300 Brand Analysis Project: Part One: Market Analysis of Product Category

What Your Professor Wants to See

CBC Feedback to Improve Your Draft

The writer begins with a brief overview of the macro level, or “environmental scan.” 

You do offer a brief overview, but of your brand. For this half of the assignment, I would work on finding data to support how the restaurant industry is doing. This will set you up for your research of Burger King.

The bulk of the analysis addresses a variety of perspectives on the market, e.g. tech forces, consumer trends, political issues, and more.  

You do offer a variety of perspectives on the market, however, it’s focused on Burger King and not the industry.

The analysis discusses sales, trends, and market shares that includes competitors.

When going forward with your industry research, what trends do you see with consumers that frequent fast food restaurants? What are the sales like? Who are the top restaurants?

Research sources are credible and well-documented (APA).

While you include a reference page, there are minimal sources cited directly in the paper.

The writer incorporates marketing terms to show knowledge of course concepts

I think you have an understanding of the marketing terms.

The writer’s style has a clear and professional tone, using concise language and syntax to convey complex ideas

You do carry a professional tone. To improve, I would suggest reading aloud your work or having a peer do so. This can help to clearly see how your sentence structure sounds. 

The writer’s organization flows logically from the overview to the end, reflecting a priority order of importance that respects the audience’s needs

You use headers and subheadings to distinctly divide organize the paper.

The format, design, and length adhere to the assignment prompt

While the length and design seem to follow most of the prompt, you’ve not really done the industry analysis.


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