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September 9, 2021
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Bu480 lesson 7 & 8 exam score 93 percent


To understand whether manufacturers should fear distribution channel conflicts, they need to analyze how new online channels affect their offline channels, and whether the various channels actually:

Question options:


provide order entry on the   website.


provide CD/web-based catalogues.


include database-based workflow   systems.


serve the same customer segments.


Question 2

Companies moving from the physical world into the online world can leverage the brand they have established with their customers. __________ is a critical issue in e-business, and it increases when customers can resort to face-to-face interaction in case of problems.

Question options:


Brand equity






Cost leadership


Question 3

__________ entail purchasing from an external provider on a contractual basis, spanning an extended period of time.

Question options:


Market transactions




Parent/subsidiary constellations


Long-term contracts


Question 4

__________ means a buyer lacks vital information about a seller because it does not know the track record of the seller, and vice versa.

Question options:


Level of uncertainty


Information asymmetry


Differentiated awareness


Information scarcity


Question 5

The concept of __________ builds on the foundations of transaction cost theory. The fundamental idea of this concept is that traditionally integrated value chains within industries get unbundled and are reconfigured as a result of two main developments: (1) the separation of the economics of things and the economics of information; and (2) the blow-up of the trade-off between richness and reach.

Question options:


coordinated efficiencies




purchasing leverage


cost leadership


Question 6

With __________ competitive advantage, a firm picks out individual parts of the value chain and decides to compete on only one dimension through larger-scale, higher degrees of specialization, or other factors that contribute to competitive advantage, while outsourcing other activities to external providers or even to customers themselves.

Question options:






de-averaging of


a cost leadership


Question 7

Disadvantages and risks that are associated with the introduction of e-procurement systems include all of the following EXCEPT:

Question options:


supplier resistance.


organizational risk.


information required to make the   purchasing decision.


technology risk.


Question 8

__________ sell manufacturing inputs through a systematic sourcing system. Goods sold through these are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of the purchasing company.

Question options:




Catalogue hubs


MRO hubs


Yield managers


Question 9

__________ are public and horizontal e-marketplaces with long-term supply relationships, usually for non-production-related products and services.

Question options:




Catalogue hubs


MRO hubs


Yield managers


Question 10

One of the classic definitions of __________ refers to “a situation in which one channel member perceives another channel member(s) to be engaged in behavior that is preventing or impeding it from achieving its goals.”

Question options:




adverse impact




negative linear correlation


Question 11

Specialization effects are likely to be related to:

Question options:


high capital requirements.


specialized know-how.


economies of scale.


information scarcity.


Question 12

How __________ a product or service is determined by its degree of uniqueness vis-à-vis the competition.

Question options:










Question 13

__________ are horizontal e-marketplaces for spot procurement of usually operating, manufacturing inputs. They are most valuable for operating inputs that display high fluctuations in price and/or demand.

Question options:




Catalogue hubs


MRO hubs


Yield managers


Question 14

Established management approaches and business procedures were considered to be inadequate for the Internet world, where “everything” had been turned upside down. To accommodate this change, e-business ventures were often staffed with young individuals, having an entrepreneurial drive, strong IT know-how, and analytical capabilities, yet often:

Question options:


had a limited range of expertise.


lacked specialized know-how.


had little knowledge of the   industry.


dealt with information scarcity   related to the competition.


Question 15

Purchases can be categorized according to volume and:

Question options:






information required to make the   purchasing decision.


intended use.


Question 16

The “unbundling” concept recognizes that a corporation consists of each of the following core businesses EXCEPT:

Question options:


product innovation.


customer relationship management.


infrastructure management.


production management.


Question 17

__________ is an e-procurement solution that allows users to buy items directly on the seller’s website. However, since there is no integration with the internal accounting system, purchasing data needs to be re-keyed.

Question options:


Order entry on website


CD/web-based catalogue


Email or database-based workflow   system


An accounting system


Question 18

Which of the following is NOT one of the benefits of an organizational structure that combines online and offline channels?

Question options:


Distribution efficiencies


Shared information


Purchasing leverage


Cost leadership


Question 19

__________ are e-procurement solutions designed to facilitate production-related procurement. For instance, these systems notify purchasing managers when stock levels have fallen below a certain level and items need to be reordered.

Question options:


Stock control systems


CD/web-based catalogues


Email or database-based workflow   systems


Integrated e-procurement systems


Question 20

These goods are also often called MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) goods or indirect goods because they do not form part of the final products a company produces.

Question options:


Operating inputs


Production inputs


Supplier inputs


Manufacturing inputs


Online Exam 7


Question 21

While traditional e-commerce refers to transactions conducted via fixed or wired Internet terminals, __________ refers to e-commerce transactions via mobile or wireless terminals.

Question options:






the long tail




Question 22

In the unconscious scenario __________ marketing is recommended in order to create value by reducing customers’ conscious need of interaction with the consumption phenomenon.

Question options:










Question 23

M-Commerce consumer services can be classified into four major categories. Which of the following is NOT one of these categories?

Question options:










Question 24

In addition to basic telephony functions, data-ready mobile phones allow for richer __________ applications. These services use the data connection of a device to offer advanced call capabilities.

Question options:










Question 25

A __________ is a user-generated website containing continuously updated entries in periodic order.

Question options:






media platform


desktop application


Question 26

Richness is defined by three dimensions. Which dimension refers to the amount of information that can be moved from sender to receiver in a given time?

Question options:










Question 27

Regarding the consciousness dimension, if customers are ultra-conscious, then __________ marketing is recommended in order to improve the conscious interaction with objects related to the consumption experience.

Question options:










Question 28

Social networks are effective because they consist of:

Question options:


consumer-to-consumer content.


media and entertainment options.


targeted advertising.


social bookmarking capabilities.


Question 29

__________ often cooperate with portal providers in order to gain access to customers and make their products (such as news, shopping, and games) available to their target audience.

Question options:


Application and content providers


Mobile network operators (MNOs)


IT enablers


Mobile device manufacturers


Question 30

__________ allow(s) their members to manage more contacts more efficiently than is possible offline; therefore, they increase personal contact reach.

Question options:




Web 2.0


Social networking sites (SNS)




Question 31

__________ represent the main source of value of mobile e-commerce, as fulfilling these needs is at the core of the value proposition that is offered.

Question options:


Mobility-related needs


Efficient needs


Entertainment needs


Time-critical needs and   arrangements


Question 32

Users of these services can collect their favorite websites as bookmarks, using “tags” – i.e. short descriptive key words instead of the traditional browser-based folder taxonomy.

Question options:






Media platforms


Social bookmarking


Question 33

While every individual has a certain personality recognized by others, some like to try to control the impression(s) other people form of them. This impression management is closely related to __________, where a person tries to influence the perception of his/her image.

Question options:


consumer-to-consumer relations


image promotion






Question 34

__________ is a state-of-the-art blog publishing tool that offers powerful, yet easy-to-handle customization and administrative features.

Question options:


Google Docs


Web 2.0






Question 35

Much of what we know about products we learn through __________ communication.

Question options:






social media




Question 36

Long-term strategic positioning means that a company is able to __________ by offering customers a better price/performance ratio.

Question options:


increase sales


differentiate their brand


outperform competitors


provide added value


Question 37

Connectivity to the __________ allows users to access email accounts and is expected to become a major driver of the ‘fixed–mobile convergence’.

Question options:










Question 38

__________ includes promotions and other incentives to acquire new customers and entice existing customers to use the company’s Internet-based offering.

Question options:




Customer segment targeting


Social networking


Customer acquisition


Question 39

In __________, physical and informational aspects are globally integrated to provide value through amplification, attenuation, context and transcension; value is extracted from networks.

Question options:










Question 40

__________ not only determine the design and functionality of mobile phones, but also set the communication standards and take care of the pre-installation of browsers, operating systems and other applications.

Question options:


Application and content providers


Mobile network operators (MNOs)


IT enablers


Mobile device manufacturers

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