Differentiates between “psychological disorders” and “abnormal behavior”In order to address this need, you have been asked to create a brochure that explains major depressive disorder and its treatments.
March 30, 2021
answer questions with a substantial amount of information in essay format
March 30, 2021

business plan project 10

Business Plan – Word documentFILLER TEXT

Prototype Questionnaire/Survey Questions

  • Excel File with raw data used for Market Analysis


  • We have covered the necessary content for students to have a comprehensive understanding of the course content; Competitive Advantage, Business Intelligence and Data management, MS Office, Social Networks and E Commerce.  This assignment will provide real-world prospective to class content.


  • To demonstrate understanding of how course core content plays out in real-world companies; in particular, how companies establish and support the Competitive Advantage, the effects on the supply chain and directs how the company does business. 

Helpful Notes:

Write your executive summary last, after you’ve done the work of researching and thinking about your business.

Explain the fundamentals of your business in two pages or less. Make it enthusiastic, professional, complete and concise.

Before getting bogged down in the details of business planning, make sure you have a clear vision and set of values for your company. This creates a road map for you to follow in the rest of your planning.

Learning Objective:  Identify Competitive Advantage and Conduct Market Research

Before Saturday, October 5, 2019, 11:59 PM – Working with your assigned group, decide on a company you would like to start and a Product or Service your company intends to sell.

ON BLACKBOARD DISCUSSION BOARD – Use the Forum labeled “Group Project- Company Selection” to indicate:

Your Group Number

Your Company Name and

Your Product/Service

  • Please use the REPLY button on the initial thread.  Do not start a new thread.  The Subject line should contain your Group Number.  (I reserve the right to disapprove a group’s selection if there are too many groups doing similar projects.)

Company Name  –  “Tradely”

  • Product/Service –  An app which helps you to trade your item with somebody else 


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