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September 9, 2021
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September 9, 2021
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APA format assignment  For this assignment, you are to submit a correctly formatted APA paper, with one paragraph about what a student might be expected to learn in a research methods class.   It is strongly suggested that you use the attached APA template, or a similar correct template.    Your paper should include a correct title page with correct running heads on the title page and all other pages, a mock (pretend) citation, and matching reference on a reference page.  Your title should be something that reflects the nature of your paper.  Don’t title it “APA Assignment” or similar.  Instead, write a title that would tell your reader what you are writing about  yourself.  You can be creative, but don’t be too fancy.  Academic papers generally do not use overly fancy titles.  To do this assignment using the template, you should backspace the running head on page one and type yours (pay attention to the capitalization), then do the same again on page 2.  What you put on page 2 will show on all pages after that.  You do not need an abstract for this assignment.  The citation you use could be a real, or made up one (similar to what is used in the template).  If you use a made up one, use YOUR name as the author, and just make up the title, journal or book, etc.    The main focus of this assignment is to show you can correctly format the main parts of an APA paper.  However, the paragraph you write should use correct and proper English, and be written to an academic audience.  You should not use first or second person, and don’t refer to what “we” will learn.  Instead, you might write: “Students in a course about research methods should be expected to learn……”    Submit the finished paper as a Microsoft Word document.


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