September 12, 2021
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September 12, 2021

Case analysis “the sputtering r&d machine”

Read the case “The Sputtering R&D Machine, then analyze the case according to the guidelines given in this course. 

Your analysis should include:

1.  An overview of the case and the major issues in the case

2.  An analysis of the internal (SWOT)  and external (Five Forces) environment for Homestar.

3.  A brief analysis of the home appliance industry

4.  Statement of the problem the CEO is facing. What is the root cause of the problem? Can use 5 Whys or some other analysis.

5.  A list of alternatives the company can pursue.

6.  A set of criteria that should be used to make a decision on the course of action.

7.  A decision matrix deciding the best alternative.

8. An implementation plan for the best decision.

9. Reflection on how innovation should be pursued in most corporations. Is Homestar doing it right? Why or why not!

8-10 pages


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