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March 30, 2020
Please read this ARTICLE: (Two If By Sea) by James Verini. The assignment is to provide an article critique of this article. This assignment should be three in length and in times new roman 12pt font. You should have the following three headings: Reference, Summary, and Reaction. Make sure to cite the article in APA style! I have attached the article
March 30, 2020

Certification and degree programs.

You have read about the different certificates and degree programs. Using a variety of sources, carefully select
which degrees and/or certifications you think would best qualify you to become a successful security specialist.
Map out the progression of these certifications and degrees, giving a description of the programs and how you would go about completing each one. Your task is to provide the following:
Give a description of the certification or degree program.
List the cost of the certification or degree (semester hour).
Describe how often you need to re-certify, and describe if there are any CEUs you must complete after testing
for your certification.
Explain why you selected each certification or degree program.
Describe any self-study opportunities that are available with these programs.
Conduct your research using the Online Library and the Internet.

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