1. What are the three most important takeaways/lessons from the material provided in this module? (150 words or more) 2. What type of economic development would be beneficial for the city you live in? Why do you think it would be beneficial to your city? (100 words or more) 3. Public private partnership have become a very popular form of financing public projects. Discuss in detail at least two risks/weaknesses/issues associated with such financing options? (100 words or more)
May 10, 2020
The Intervention and Assessment Models Chapter 4 – Tools of the Trade
May 10, 2020

Characteristic of Good Visual Design

In the textbook of this course, author talks about 10 principles of good design shown below. Research those concepts (i.e. through Internet sources and then for each concept find two pictures/charts, etc. One that you think has the quality and one that is not (For example, One that you think is innovative and one that is not). Its all personal perspective, there is no right and wrong, that’s fine, just make sure you make your case and justify.


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