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September 9, 2021
can you do in text citation?
September 9, 2021

Choose a campaign and evaluate it (a campaign made in the last 3

Section 1: (20% marks) 

1.Introduction to the organisation and the campaign

2.Campaign objectives (SMART, DRIP…)

3.Target audience (demographic, psychographic, behavioural…)

Section 2: You will need to cover the following items in section two (60% of the mark):

1.List of at least 3 promotional tools used in the campaign, with an example of each

2.List of at least 2 media used in the campaign, with an example of each

3.Analysis of the promotional tools and media used in the campaign (should form the majority of the report). Make sure that you refer to theories and models 

4.Evaluation of success of campaign using marketing metrics 

5.Recommendations for possible improvements

Written communication (10%)

•Clarity and tone of writing •Third person, passive voice •Academic piece of work not a journalistic article  •Short sentences •Complete sentences •Only write it if you understand it •Reading academic writing will help improve your academic writing  

 Referencing (10%)

•APA 7th edition 

•Reference list  

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