Assume 500 cards were received from Specialty Cards on April 22. What was the cost per card?
January 3, 2018
What percentage of the total amount due to Fashion Expo on July 1 is due to the freight charge?
January 3, 2018

College Athletes should be paid

EFT 5005 – Methodology of Educational Research Complete Assignment: Literature Review – Unit 8 (Course Artifact/200 pts) Directions The Attend Session for Unit 8 will walk you through your final submission. In Unit 8 you will combine all of your written assignments to create your research proposal. 1. Login to Canvas. Select Unit 1. Download “Template Research Proposal.” 2. Follow the instruction in the Unit 8 Attend. 3. Once you have completed your Research Proposal be sure to check and ensure all parts of the proposal have been completed:  Page 1  Running head and title  Centered title of paper, your name, the date  Page 2 Abstract  Page 4  Introduction  Problem Statement  Purpose Statement  Research Question(s)  Research Question(s) and Hypotheses (if quantitative)  Brief Review of the Literature  Do you have appropriate subheadings?  References 4. Once you have completed your paper save as: lastname_firstname_Research Proposal (Smith_Sally_Research Proposal) 5. Login to LiveText 6. Locate EFT 5005 7. Load assignment 8. Note: There is no discussion for Unit 8 Grading Rubric for Research Proposal Context of and Capstone Milestone Milestone Benchmark Purpose for Writing 40 30 20 10 Includes considerations of Demonstrates a Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates minimal audience, purpose, thorough adequate awareness of context, attention to context, and the circumstances understanding of consideration of audience, purpose, audience, purpose, surrounding the context, audience, and context, audience, and and to the assigned and to the assigned writing task(s). purpose that is purpose and a clear tasks(s) (e.g., begins to tasks(s) (e.g., responsive to the focus on the assigned show awareness of expectation of Content Development assigned task(s) and task(s) (e.g., the task audience’s instructor or self as focuses all elements of aligns with audience, perceptions and audience). Genre and Disciplinary the work. purpose, and context). assumptions). Conventions Formal Uses appropriate, Uses appropriate and and informal rules relevant, and Uses appropriate, Uses appropriate and relevant content to inherent in the compelling content to relevant, and relevant content to develop simple ideas expectations for illustrate mastery of compelling content to develop and explore in some parts of the writing in particular the subject, conveying explore ideas within ideas through most of work. forms and/or the writer’s the context of the the work. academic fields. understanding, and discipline and shape Attempts to use a shaping the whole the whole work. Follows expectations consistent system for Sources and Evidence work. appropriate to a basic organization and Demonstrates specific discipline presentation. Control of Syntax and Demonstrates detailed consistent use of and/or writing task(s) Mechanics attention to and important conventions for basic organization, Demonstrates an successful execution particular to a specific content, and attempt to use of a wide range of discipline and/or presentation sources to support conventions particular writing task(s), ideas in the writing. to a specific discipline including organization, Demonstrates an and/or writing task (s) content, presentation, attempt to use Uses language that including organization, and stylistic choices credible and/or sometimes impedes content, presentation, relevant sources to meaning because of formatting, and Demonstrates support ideas that are errors in usage. stylistic choices consistent use of appropriate for the credible, relevant discipline and genre of Demonstrates skillful sources to support the writing. use of high- quality, ideas that are situated credible, relevant within the discipline Uses language that sources to develop and genre of the generally conveys ideas that are writing. meaning to readers appropriate for the Uses straightforward with clarity, although discipline and genre of language that writing may include the writing generally conveys some errors. Uses graceful meaning to readers. language that skillfully The language in the communicates portfolio has few meaning to readers errors. with clarity and fluency, and is virtually error- free.


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