the difference between real and nominal GDP? Does GDP accurately reflect the nation’s welfare? Why or why not? How can a country’s GDP be manipulated?…
October 18, 2020
Either of these equations can be rearranged to obtain the other one, so you need to learn only one of them. When the temperature reaches “100. F in…
October 18, 2020

comparative communications history

write a three-page reflection on emojis in use (TNR 11 or 12 font, 1,5 space), using examples. You may address how emojis relate to spoken language, to the broader communication possibilities offered by digital platforms, the contexts in which emojis are used (where and how they are appropriate). Emojis are very recent and still popular. But in addition to the affordances of the emoji, what are its limits? Might they give way to another style of visual digital communication? 


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