In at least 250 words; Develop an implementation plan for a returns process in this retail grocery store business and in a food production, health…
October 18, 2020
final complete literature review for a proposal
October 18, 2020

Compare and contrast the different types of shock: cardiogenic, hypovolemic, neurogenic (vasogenic), anaphylactic, and septic

  • Compare and contrast the different types of shock: cardiogenic, hypovolemic, neurogenic (vasogenic), anaphylactic, and septic.

In your presentation, include the following:

  • Include at least one type of visual aid in your presentation such as PowerPoint slides, diagrams, white board use, etc.
  • You are expected to explain the processes or concepts in your own
    words using references to support your explanations. Include a reference
    list at the end and cite references verbally or with on screen
  • Use appropriate master’s level terminology.
  • Include all necessary physiology and/or pathophysiology in your explanation.
  • Use detailed explanations to teach or explain. 
  • Reference a minimum of two sources; you may cite your etext as a
    source. Use APA format to style your visual aids and cite your sources.
    Include a reference page in your video.


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