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September 11, 2021
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September 11, 2021

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Porter’s Five Forces is a model used for understanding competitive advantage. In this assignment you willchoose a Fortune 500 company (APPLE, WALMART, AND AMAZON EXCLUDED) and identify Porter’s Five
Forces (with specific examples) for each force as you address the questions below. Please make sure youlabel/subheading for each question that you address.Refer to Figure 3.1 in Chapter 3 of your book. Projects are worth 25% of your final grade so please read the

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BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE COMPANY (One Paragraph). What is the company’s mission statement?
Who are their top competitors (List at least 3 and cite the source)?
What are the barriers to entry in this industry (New Market Entrants)? How easy or hard is it for newbusinesses to start-up in this industry that compete with your company.?
Who are their suppliers and who has control right now…..the supplier or the buyer (your company)? Explainhow.
What substitute products are available in this industry and how do these substitute products affect yourcompany?
Describe the type of customers your company attracts/serve. Who has the bargaining power for prices…thecustomers or your company? Why?
Identify the market structure for this industry (Monopoloy, Oligopolopy, Monopolistic Competition, etc).How does this affect price/competition for the industry?
Based on your answers above you should be able to determine if your company has a competitive advantage.Answer and explain

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