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June 1, 2021
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computer question 2 1

1. Backing up data on a home computer is essential. Do you back up everything on your computer, such as applications, data files, documents, music, and photos? Do you think the procedures that you use are good enough? Have you learned any life lessons from not backing up your system? Why do you think people do not back up their systems? answer in couple sentences

below agree or disagree to a follow post in 2-3 sentences

2.I used to back up my computers regularly. I have neglected this process lately because it can be time-consuming. I usually use an external hard drive to do this. I never feel like it is enough. I’m plagued by what-ifs all the time. An example would be, “What if my external crashes?” I have been known to back up my back ups. I have definitely had life lessons that taught me the hard way about backing up my systems. I really like my smartphone’s back up system. Google syncs everything to a cloud server.

make sure answers are numbered…


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