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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

Computer Science homework help

For this project, you will write a 2-3 page APA formatted paper on a how your job/occupation or school major connects to Data Mining. You will select a particular industry you may be associated with and describe how you personally connect with that industry and Data Mining. You should provide discussion, references, and so on, in sufficient details.
The paper should include the following sections each called out with a Headers.
· Introduction: Overview of the Discussion.
· Background: The section should include history and background of organization’s name, and the industry associated with the organization.
· References: Please include a separate reference page any necessary references.
The paper must adhere to APA guidelines including Title and Reference pages. There should be at least two scholarly sources listed on the reference page. Each source should be cited in the body of the paper to give credit where due. Per APA, the paper should use a 12-point Time New Roman font, should be double spaced throughout, and the first sentence of each paragraph should be indented .5 inches.

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