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June 2, 2021
Direction In each reply, use at least 2 scholarly references. Keep in mind enthusiastic agreement and respectful disagreement with others in the class is expected. respond to this post below.One third
June 2, 2021
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Computers Information Technology Discussion

Computers Information
Technology Discussion 

“Images and Templates”  Please respond to
the following:

  • Explain whether or not you believe including images in documents
    is a professional option when creating a document. Justify your response with
    at least one (1) example.
  • Go to Microsoft Office’s Website, and view the business templates. Examine the
    resume themes, letter themes, fax themes, report themes, and any additional
    themes that you find interesting. Next, determine whether or not you believe
    Office templates provide users with an advantage over creating a document from
    scratch. Then, select one (1) template and explain the manner in which users
    would benefit from using the template in question in creating either a business
    or personal document. 


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