Preparation of EFAS and IFAS of a Company
December 7, 2017
Brand building is a crucial exercise that often takes years to accomplish. The benefit of brand equity is realized in the bottom line. 
December 7, 2017

The creation of Title IX, origin, history, and key people involved

please discuss the creation of Title IX, origin, history, key people involved, etc… also discuss significant events that came from Title IX give specific examples. The effect it had on men as well as women. the effect it had on society as a whole. Speak about its economic and business upside it gave women in the sports industry. Use books,  personal opinion, as well as interviews. Please use wording that is easy to understand and that is easy to follow for the reader and the listeners. You can use more than ( sources if you choose. Double space last name on each page with the page number. Title page with name, professor, class, date.


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