Given that an organization is reliant on employees to achieve its mission and objectives, there would appear to be value in organizational transparency. If employees perceive that leaders and managers
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Criterion-based assessment and feedback | Sociology homework help


Criterion-Based Assessment and Feedback 

You will use the Instructional Design for a Graduate Course  Scoring Guide for a criterion-based peer review (ATTACHED FILE). 

Complete the scoring  guide (attached filed) by selecting the appropriate rating and offer written feedback  substantiating your assessment for each criterion and providing specific  examples from the work being evaluated to support your feedback. 

After  completing the assessment scoring guide, employ a specific leadership teaching style, and write 750 words of constructive and supportive feedback based on the assessment of the instructional design you  completed. 

Identify the teaching leadership model, and then provide the feedback in alignment with the principles of that leadership style.

Please use APA 7th edition and include 3-5 citations/references.

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