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October 30, 2020
October 30, 2020

Critical issues with social media marketing

The paper should be written in English (either US or UK spelling), font 11 or 12On your first (cover) page, include your full names and the topic chosenThe paper shouldnot exceed 1500 words (excluding references) and should notbe less than 1000 wordsThe paper should include a minimum of 5 scholarly references (e.g. books, book chapters, academic journal articles)Use APA style for referencing your sources in the textQuotations if longer than 30 words should be indented (font 11, in italics)The paper should include a brief introduction (where the topic is introduced, its relevance and the key issue(s) are clearly articulated), a main section where you may define key concepts, present the main arguments and discuss them withpractical illustrations(where you provide real-world examples to the concepts and arguments presented), and a conclusion where you synthesize the key issues, articulate your views and mention the broader implications for marketers/societyList your references by alphabetical order (following APA rules)Please paraphrase the work of others accordingly. To check for plagiarism, your paper may be processed through a plagiarism software. Cases of plagiarism will be sanctioned.


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