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September 9, 2021
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September 9, 2021

CSM Genetic Engineering Nanotechnology Robotics & Gender Studies Discussion

Question Description

The module 4 readings include discussions of genetic engineering,

nanotechnology, robotics, cyborgs, life prolongation, gender studies,

and economics. Your question is this: which topic(s) raised by these readings do you think will of the most importance as we move through the 21st Century? Why?

Discussion format/instructions

  1. Have 5 paragraphs
  • Introduction-
    Introduce the way you are tying the concept of technology to society.
    It is a great idea to name the group most affected in our sicety by the
    technology. The introduction should end with your thesis which is the
    main idea of what you are writing. You should never cite your thesis,
    this is your point, not something that comes from research!
  • Point one that supports that thesis
  • Point two that supports that thesis
  • Point three that supports that thesis
  • Conclusion- Restate the thesis in conclusive terms. Please do not introduce a new idea in your conclusion.

  1. All
    Journals and Discussion posts have to be cited in APA format for full
    credit. Please do not use MLA or Chicago format. There should never be
    footnotes or the words “Work Cited” in APA format! The reason we use
    APA format is this is a class in the social sciences which only uses APA

  • All end references are titled “References” in APA format
  • There are always in-text citations that correspond to end references
  • In-text
    citation should be in the format (author, year) format at the end of
    the sentence where you have used the source. You only add a page number
    to that in-text citation for a direct quote.
  • Limit
    your direct quotes to less than 10% of your paper. More than this is
    often considered plagiarism. If you use a quote, please make sure it is
    cited in the text.
  • End references should always have a corresponding in-text citation.
  • End references are always alphabetized.
  • End references are in a basic format (for this course). See below for the format. Remember, punctuation makes a difference!


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