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September 6, 2021
September 6, 2021
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Using the sample report below put the data elements in the report into their normal forms using relational notation (relational notation was first shown in your textbook on page 38). Just to be clear, I want to see (using relational notation) what this report looks like in 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF.


Sample Report Data Source:




PET ID      PET NAME                PET TYPE  PET AGE   OWNER                  VISIT DATE              PROCEDURE

246            ROVER                      DOG             12              SAM COOK           JAN 13/2002               01 – RABIES VACCINATION

                                                                                                                              MAR 27/2002             10 – EXAMINE and TREAT WOUND

                                                                                                                              APR 02/2002              05 – HEART WORM TEST


298            SPOT                          DOG             2                TERRY KIM          JAN 21/2002               08 – TETANUS VACCINATION     

                                                                                                                              MAR 10/2002             05 – HEART WORM TEST


341            MORRIS                    CAT              4                SAM COOK           JAN 23/2001               01 – RABIES VACCINATION

                                                                                                                              JAN 13/2002               01 – RABIES VACCINATION


519            TWEEDY                   BIRD            2                TERRY KIM          APR 30/2002              20 – ANNUAL CHECK UP

                                                                                                                              APR 30/2002              12 – EYE WASH


List the relational notation for each normal form (e.g. Pet (abc, def, ghi):















Using your completed part 1 document as input, create a new logical ERD using Visio 2013 (Crow’s Foot Database Notation template). I want to see you map your 3NF relational notation into an ERD in Visio.



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