Florida International University Diabetes SWOT Analysis
October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020


In the society, parents are deemed as the most important people because of the role they play. They are entitled to the task of raising up the society which they do through raising up young ones. Therefore, when the morals of the society are wanting, the parents are to be blamed because they are to teach good morals to their children. When young ones are of good morals, the society as a whole will be morally upright. Subsequently, the qualities such honesty, empathy, self-control, self-reliance, cheerfulness, kindness and cooperation are the composition of morality in children and society at large. (Jerry, 2006)
            Parents should be loving and affectionate to be termed as good parents. This is because they provide parental guidance to their kids. Kids who receive this kind of love and guidance from their parents grow up happy kids. They will not be the lot of parents who blame their children and judge them instead of encouraging them. They help in boosting the esteem of their children. This they achieve by praising the kids whenever they have done good or anything worth praising. (Merle, 2015)
  Since parents give advice to their children in areas of life through communication, they ought to be excellent and skillful communicators. Those parents that have this skill know how to correct their children whenever they mess up and make them understand their mistakes. Sometimes children may get parents temper high, the parents should possess the ability to manage stress. Children will also learn to have stress management skills depending on how they see their parents managing their stress during emotional and difficult situations. Finally parents have the task to be good role models to their children. In most cases, children tend to imitate or copy what they see their parents doing. Therefore, in everything, parents must do what is good so that their children may observe and inculcate in their life.
Therefore, it can be concluded that parents play a major role in bringing up their children. This role played by parents to bring up happy kids revolve around the lifestyle of the parents.
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