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June 20, 2019
Determine what you believe are the top two considerations that should be addressed when forming the CSIRT in terms of skills, abilities, procedures, training, deployment, etc.
June 20, 2019
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describe an instance where a government has taken some action the result of which is influence on commerce

1. On the discussion forum, describe an instance where a government has taken some action the result of which is influence on commerce. Minimum 250


2. Respond to two classmates’ postings. Minimum 100 words per posting.

respond to below postings:


1)posting) Now days, internet is not a tool or connection, it’s a part of our life. Internet revolution also bought many changes in economic revolution. One of them is e-commerce; we all know how e-commerce developed in these days. Using digital technology e-commerce brought online payment transaction and now telecommunication transactions. In this economic world competition increased in real time. (Basu, 2017)

The biggest question is, how secure all these e-commerce businesses. Government took lead to protect e-commerce and online transactions over the internet. Which includes implementing quality, connecting to satellites using microwave links and using optical fiber cables. Government issuing license for every e-commerce websites, it’s very important to register with government to get license. The government implementing more secure online database and giving training to individuals, so they can establish individual networks. After registrations started with government almost 15% online businesses stopped their marketing, transactions and not event registered with government policies. It results small changes on internet commerce business. (Basu, 2017)

Depends on certain conditions, government actions will lead to highly secure business impacts. According to my research, groundbreaking Dodd-Frank act is perfect example for how government takes some actions on commerce. This act passed by Democratic Party, and it controlled both congress and white house. In simple terms, this law is promoting to financial stability in United States. But most of the people think its big mistake in commerce history because financial situation will change year to year. This act shows effects on small banking businesses and many CBO payments paid as funds instead of profits. Dodd-Frank act has the capability of change the United Stated market in seconds. Not only finance, because of some government actions, many small businesses and common people suffered and it shows major impacts on commerce.


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